I often take commissions to create original works or arrangements for chamber music ensembles or soloists.  Would your ensemble like a piece by me? Or would you like to perform one of my existing works?
Feel free to reach out to me.

Venus Falling 7”

for soprano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet & two narrators. 

Music by Allison Wright
Text by Dior Sutherland
Commissioned by Red Light Arts & Culture (NL, 2022)

“I wanted to write a work that would treat queer joy with a kind of religiosity, putting it on a pedestal as something holy and sacred to experience and to witness. When Adanya and I first started talking about this commission, we agreed it was really essential that the work would be accessible for both English and Dutch-speaking audiences, which opened a larger conversation on the kinds of dualities that we experience in our lives. The piece deals with the migrant experience of straddling multiple languages, rejecting the gender binary, and queer sexuality. In their poem, Dior re-mythologizes the goddess Venus into a non-binary angel who descends from the heavens and “falls” into a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves. In the music, an English and a Dutch speaker take turns reading through the poem, and Venus sings each stanza without any text at all,

because Venus’ divine truth exists outside of any binary.”

No Loitering, No Soliciting 8.5”

for electric & pedal-steel guitar, vibraphone & sample-pad.

commissioned and premiered by Party of One (USA, 2019)

Liz Faure- Guitar
Jess Tsang- Percussion

-“If you have nothing to do, please don’t do it here”
- Anonymous

A hocket, a hoe-down, a pastiche on heavy metal, a groove constructed with samples made from the objects found in my pocket, some glitch, a melody from a German music box and a lot of live looping.

Selfless (2019) 15”

For flute, cello, percussion, ondomo, rhodes & tape.
Commissioned by Rubiks Collective.

Bec Plexus and Allison Wright are lovers, and almost broke up during a Skype conversation. This would have been no more then a memory of a most intimate conversation, wouldn’t it be so that Plexus recorded it. Now, the two composers have used this very recording as the core of a new collaborative work.

After splitting up the two sides of the conversation, each lover set her own track to music and film. Selfless consists of two hyper personal perspectives on an experience between two people dealing with a love triangle, growing up, and being far apart. On a yet to be released EP, a third part will be added in which the two perspectives will be performed simultaneously, capturing the conversation in its entirety.

Headphase (2017) 5.5”

For solo trumpet and max patch.
Commissioned by Elliott Hughes.

Headphase explores the unconscious and conscious associations we make abou various sound sources depending on their context. The trumpet player has control of the sound environment through the use of both live electronics and acoustic sound, yet the cycling nature of the piece determines the prevalence for which any one element is heard; thus changing the context for which the piece is observed.

Rorschach (2017) 8”

For string quartet and collaboration with light installation artist Mark Romei.
Comissioned by Kammervolk Collective.

Two Chapters from the Same Story (2016) 10"

for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, percussion and piano.
Commissioned by Kammervolk Collective.
Collaboration with poet Dior Sutherland and visual artist Minna Leunig.


Virus by Björk

for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and three voices.

Performed here by Ensemble Kammervolk, Brechtje van Dijk, Gian Slater and Georgie Darvidis.

All is Full of Love by Björk

for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and ondes martenot.

Performed here by Ensemble Kammervolk.

Black Milk by Massive Attack

for string quartet

Performed here by Ensemble Kammervolk

Tunnel Down by Georgie Darvidis

for string quartet and fixed tape

Daydreaming by Radiohead

for Pierrot Sextet
arranged for All of the Above ensemble