No Compliments is the solo project of Australian producer/composer Allison Wright. Crafting hyper-colourful electronica spanning from downtempo IDM to aggressive, industrial hyperpop, her influences include Björk, Nosaj Thing, Matmos, Haruomi Hosono, Oneohtrix Point Never, SOPHIE and A. G. Cook. Follow @no.compliments on instagram for updated information on shows and performances. 


In 2021, No Compliments remixed two tracks from Bec Plexus’ eclectic record ‘Sticklip’ transforming the tracks ‘Busy Making Steps’ and ‘Hold My Tongue’ into a fever dream of aggressive synthesizers, relentlessly pounding kicks and visceral sound design.

Album artwork by Mees Joachim.


In 2021, No Compliments remixed ‘It’s a Secret’ by Hannah Moule & The Moulettes as a part of their project ‘Xenolalia’. The resulting mix is a seemingly subterranean adventure through digitally synthesized aquatic textures and pulsing syncopations.

SHOW PONY (2021)

In 2021, No Compliments and Show Pony collaborated on Show Pony’s self-titled EP. The EP explores Show Pony’s fascination for experimental double bass techniques, string instruments, voice and synthesizers, crating an eclectic sound world that explores themes like nostalgia, hope and loss. No Compliments’ influence can be felt throughout the EP in the intricate yet sensitive drum programming, washes of evolving synth textures, subtle textural sound design and bold arrangement decisions.

Album artwork by Paul Simon Heyduck. 


In 2020, No Compliments remixed Mr Kapow’s ‘Ghost Floor’, tempting the sound design of the original track toward more visceral and digital textures.

EP 1 (2020)

The 5 track EP ‘EP 1’ was released in 2020, an entirely instrumental release featuring a dreamy combination of meandering melodies played by synths remniscient of late 90’s video games and intricate drum programming.

Album artwork by Mees Joachim.